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Boost Your Company's Efficiency with Microsoft 365 for Business.

Updated: May 20, 2022

Every business today aims to become more efficient and effective in their workplace. Imagine how successful they would be if their goal was to create a healthy and sustainable working environment. Bringing this into reality includes using productivity tools such as Trello, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office 365 that allow small businesses to work dynamically.

Have you ever thought of expanding your business to a larger audience? There are numerous ways to reach your target audience. The safest way to do that is by moving to a cloud-based system. As modern technologies emerge, business owners need to find a way to exploit these different influences into their operations. Cloud-based apps allow businesses to collaborate and communicate anywhere with almost anyone as if they were in the same office.

The good news is various cloud-based apps are available and economical in the market today. Microsoft Office 365 is one example. It has over 180 million active users monthly in 2019. There are several reasons why businesses use Microsoft Office 365.

1. Secure Cloud Storage

You’re probably wondering how a cloud-based system like Microsoft Office 365 is widely known across the globe. It gained popularity from its diverse productivity tools in a single cloud platform. These tools are accessible over the Internet, which saves you time and costs from hardware. Traditional hardware uses obsolete cyberattack preventive measures, whereas, the cloud has layers of security that helps your digital ecosystem to be more robust. Microsoft Office 365 also allows business owners to activate threat detection and anti-malware, which hinder malicious activities. This security feature is vital for businesses that deal with massive data and client information.

You can ensure that your data is protected within Microsoft Office 365. Users can feel comfortable storing information, communicating, and collaborating without any security concerns. These are Microsoft Office 365’s security features:

  • Email Encryption - Everyone needs privacy. The same thing goes for your business. As a business owner, you have client conversations that need to be protected and kept in private. Encrypted emails allow businesses to keep non-employees from reading private company emails that contain confidential information from clients.

  • Data Loss Prevention - Losing private information can cause your business’ worth. Imagine how a loss of sensitive data can affect the flow of your business. Microsoft Office 365 allows businesses to pre-verify emails that contain sensitive information before it is sent out.

  • Mobile Device Management - What happens when your phone was lost or stolen? Mobile Device Management helps you prevent someone from accessing select company information. This specific feature allows businesses to control phone permissions to Microsoft Office 365 when theft occurs. 

2. Enhanced Business Communication

Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Teams reduces communication errors and lapses that can waste employees’ time and resources. The suite offers communications apps such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams anytime, anywhere to all employees. In 2018, Skype for Business exceeded 100 million enterprise seats and was used by almost 55% of different organizations. Business owners can use this tool to centralize their communication. It also allows them to hold conference meetings via call with clients across the globe even with time differences.

3. Business Continuity

Microsoft Office 365 guarantees that your files and data are safely stored in the cloud. Devices are regularly backed up that enable companies to continuously operate even when a disaster hits. Microsoft 365 lets you store data in the cloud and access information using your account with any device. This gives business owners a lighter weight on the chest despite physical device damages. Regardless of what happens within your organization, Microsoft Office 365 assures that your business continues to operate as usual.

4. Accessibility

Business owners always have their hands full. They travel to different cities for conferences and meetings. Similar to renowned entrepreneurs. Microsoft 365 is cloud-based, which can be accessed over the Internet, but you can also install the apps locally and sync your data across all of your devices. File changes or updates automatically reflect in the cloud when the sync is turned on. This has been helpful to vast companies with multiple remote locations.

3. Mix & Match Plans

Many businesses use Microsoft Office 365 because of its subscription-based service, which means that they get to pay a low monthly fee per user and choose a plan that suits their needs. Microsoft Office 365 offers a wide range of programs and services that companies can opt for based on their preferences. It allows you to customize plans so you can select the apps you only intend to use. Best part, there's no contract!

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